Nintendo E3 Recap! (Rap) - Single

by Nico Raimont

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Man, Nintendo did great at E3 this year!
But how can I recapture their succes?
With a Rap Song of course!

We Start it off with Reggie and Iwata
Fighting to see who is stronger
No ones dying
People flying
Every Reggie Fanboy crying
Its time I bring this Rap directly to you
So lemme Recap Nindo at the E3 Fool
Robot Chicken's Addictin
Earthbound? Yea Keep wishing.
Pac-Man you be dissin
Well guess what hes in it
My girl Palutena
Yea she will not shame ya
mii fighters will tame ya
Ammiibo? Oh hell nah.
Dude like seriously, Get that out of my face
Oh btw Greninja is taking Mewtowos place
Check it, a cute 'lil Yoshi in a world that wooly
New Open world Zelda? Oh god hes a cutie.
Some Xenoblade Chronicles yea who cares.
Mario Maker
No Star Fox!
Is this really all that nintendos gonna bring!?
No dude, and for this stuff you dont even need to sing

Bayonetta and her sequel
Wont be coming soon
Sad people
More Miiverse Updates
For them to spam us with
More Fireemblem crossovers
By the way am I the only one expecting Star Fox 2..
I mean Miyamoto is teasing us right there!
I mean Look at it!
Its so obviously...
Oh nevermind


released June 24, 2014
Thanks to Pl4y4h for providing the beat!



all rights reserved


Nico Raimont Miami, Florida

Nico Raimont is an 18 year old musician/rapper just trying to entertain!

Nico's a trained singer, rapper, actor and drummer. He plays Guitar, drums and piano. Nico has garageband and a big heart.......but much bigger hair ... more

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