The One Bad Day EP

by Nico Raimont

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A joker themed hip-hop album by Nico Raimont


released September 16, 2016

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Special thanks to
Karina Raimont
DC Comics
Earl Sweatshirt/ Tyler, the Creator
XXL Magazine
Anderson .Paak



all rights reserved


Nico Raimont Miami, Florida

Nico Raimont is an 18 year old musician/rapper just trying to entertain!

Nico's a trained singer, rapper, actor and drummer. He plays Guitar, drums and piano. Nico has garageband and a big heart.......but much bigger hair ... more

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Track Name: Shadows
Shadows in the dark
Something to be feared
Imitating movement
Never far but near

Shadows in the dark
Hiding in plain sight
Making you feel comfortable
Hope you feel alright

Shadows in the dark
Have you misplaced your trust?
They're always beside you
Even after you are dust

Shadows in the dark
Know the things you dread
Using them against you
One day you'll be dead

Shadows in the dark live on after we’re all gone
Question your mortality 'til sanity seems wrong
Is there a point to living?
Is everything we know a lie?
Is there really an afterlife?
What happens when we die?

Are there shadows in heaven?
'Cause I’m sure there are in hell
Track Name: Woah World
I spit twists like a vicious licorius kid
Who's kickin 'em into ditches like spartacus isnt fiction

I flick cigarettes at bitches clitoris
Nicolas isnt chivalrous
Villanous is the fucking clique

Like slick rick im equipped with a quick lip

Got sick from sippin dick and flossed with a tooth pick

T swift aint got shit on this
My lyrics are fearless

(She's got an album called fearless)

Put this shit on my greatest hits
This tapemix will set a fire to the sherrif's kids

On some other shit
Call me bheetoven
Let that piano riff

I smoked once now I'm better than the rest of them

The best of friends getting chill when I stream the net
sneaking out and about to go to Mickey D's
a hickey sleeve
gettin on their knees then picture please

I'm doing blow in a Yota in a parking lot I'm throwing up and getting greener looking like my car

Yo This Dead Poet society's better than dieing quietly violently symbolizing my tireless sense of irony

Why I be writing titan raps until the break of dawn, this is Nico Raimont, remixing an earl swearshirt song
Track Name: VOID/Earth

Where are you now
why are you here
where are your friends
you said they were near
speaking of trouble
did you leave yours behind
I am within you
one in your mind

Leave them behind (x4)

Im what you need (x2)

See me
Feed me
Be me

You're me


A spinning earth is all you need (x2)
A spinning earth to plant a tree

And stem the seed

A wonderful chance

A wonderous mind

A beautiful dance shows the passage of time

Just Take my hand and I'll be your guide

Through deep flowing oceans and crystal blue skies

I'll show you the stars

We will fly far

Born to be wild
Learn to free my child

Release the shackles from your brain
And youll never feel the same

share the planet with all it's creatures

Only then will you unlock it's greatest festures

Go (go go go go)

Explore the land and see how it can grow ( grow grow grow)

The more you love and care, the more you will know (know know know)

To be only one with yourself is to be slow (slow slow slow)

The road of life is long, slowing down is a no ( no no no no)
Track Name: Stuck (Feat. Chad Neidt)
"Birds fly
Babies Cry

But when arguing loses it's fun
What get's done?


Do People kill with Guns
or do Guns do the killing?

A Child's blood is spilling
innocent lives are lost
What is the cost; for a law written a hundred years ago youre up in arms

How many more people have to die for us to realize
We have no right to bear arms

Sandy Hook, Orlando, Columbine.
I could list thousands more just to pass the time
"They took the bullet so write the rhyme"
An act of Terror, Religion; It's still a crime
Hoping this will soon Stop is my paradigm

So here's to the privileged who won't do the time

Don't let us fall back in the pattern
Don't dare tell me that all lives matter
If we let this pass more soon will rise
Why must we fear for out lives

(if this is the land of oppurtunity, then why does everyone die?)