by Nico Raimont

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After multiple song rewrites, retooling the overall theme, tears, nervous breakdowns and numerous days of staring at the ceiling, the follow up to last years "Pudding" is finally here! All songs are written and composed originals with some features to help with instrumentals and vocals! Enjoy!

P.S. LARD does follow a narrative. See if you can find where it starts, pauses, continues, and ends

P.P.S. The Audio Mixing on Tracks 8 and 12 is intentional


released June 15, 2015

Individual Song credits can be found in the "info" section on the individual track

Written by: Nico Raimont (Track 9 co-written by Nico Raimont and Danny Virguez)

Track 8 written by: Fred Ebb

Track 16 written by: Jonathan Larson

Vocals by: Nico Raimont

Track 12 features vocals by Abnel Hidalgo

Track 14 features vocals by RJ Reyes

Special Thanks to
Karina Raimont
Emily Walker
Michael Marrero
& Everyone who has supported this project



all rights reserved


Nico Raimont Miami, Florida

Nico Raimont is an 18 year old musician/rapper just trying to entertain!

Nico's a trained singer, rapper, actor and drummer. He plays Guitar, drums and piano. Nico has garageband and a big heart.......but much bigger hair ... more

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Track Name: Pancakes
Ya'll don't know me and the taste I've aquired
I eat 'em up and then I spit hella fire
Cook 'em to perfection
You can call me gordon ramsay
rule #35 Don't call me a pansy

I eat pancakes until I'm chokin
Gobble 'em up and again I am broke an'
I hit up the bus stop , 's'how I'm getting home
But then I get back into the z-z zone

You can't stop a verbal god
Might as well call me jesus

This rap is disgusting
It aint too please-
- more dough than kitchen pan in heat
Time to serve the milk,
About Time I free the teet
So I mix up the batter and I add a little cinamon
Praying to god please never let me
sin again
Back in 86, I commited my first crime
Burn't a fresh cake then I saw a man die
Now the man ain't important
What is is my next line
If you ever burn I cake I swear on a dime I will
(Find your house)
Google Maps on this ish Imma
(Break down your door)
Robo cop on the switch Imma
( Ruin your kitchen)
Gonna Break ever dish

I'm a phsycotic animatronic sipping narcotics
like im a paranoid android breaking tectonic
plates debate the fact that im irate
(damn your stupid)
Can't stop me man
It's too late
Call me degenerate,
Son, I am unfallible
Like a kill bill syllable a symphony of animals
conducted my an evil mastermind, call 'him mister mime
He alwways used to look kinda shady, yo he smelled like slime

Food's a passion, a microwave asassin
got all the kids clappin, laughin, Like thy're addicts
Poppin pills leaning on the walls when they piss they draws
Like a plan of the Dawes of failing when I drop the bars
I crash cars, smoke cigars, and I stay bizzare
foods with the zimmerman, a kid who never got his cinamon
Getchur cake and your pan, hold the peter
Cooking is an art, Ya I'll see you at the theater...
Track Name: Empty

I'm a borderline narcassist
I'm nice to kids
Let 'em play on my Genesis

All over their lips

Won't apologize for the dope rhymes I spit
Call me a frog cause I'm hopping over haters, skaters
Lemme take an escalator
to the top, #1 on the a billboard chart
I'll have a Venti, cause Grande is too damn hot

I'll have one less problem, when I'm famous
I'll forget all about my dad's quick graveous
Because who needs to feel, when your living your prime

Who needs love?

Cause I am a void, You won't fill mine

Broken dreams
Like broken toys
Shattered loves
Forgotten joys
Empty homes
Tear stained nights
Slammed doors
No more crying.

Yo, I'm rich and I'm shameless

and that is mostly cause I'm famous

Put no effort in the words that I'm rhyming, crying, dying, gonna watch adventure time and

I hate you, cause you'll never understand me
My family, the memory,
I watched him as he left me
All alone, with a great mom and great home..
And all you fucking care about is your cellphone
So shut the fuck up if you think you'll ever feel the same
Don't say your sorry try to find me some one to blame!
Cause in the end, my tears will never bring him back
But it'll help let me sleep at night....damn

Broken dreams
Like broken toys
Shattered loves
Forgotten joys
Empty homes
Tear stained nights
Slammed doors
No more crying.

I remember the times we shared
I won't forget the times you cared
Life now a days is so surreal
They say to let it out
But I don't feel a thing
Track Name: 'Lu
I still look back
The time that I first saw you

Your gorgeous golden hair
Your smile
The List goes on and

I remember thinking
I'm always going to love you I'm always going hug you

but yea I messed things up

I treat you like you're garbage let's be honest I'm an asshole

Girl you are a princess, deserve to live in a castle

I treat you like your worthless, Analu you don't deserve this, so I sing this song with purpose, I wish dad was hear to heard this

Cause you're beautiful inside and out, lately that's hard to find

Don't think the swears I scream are true they aint what on my mind

Lu you're an inspiration, My life you have redefined

You think that papis dead and gone but in your soul he thrives!

He lives in you (x3) [Different each time]

Just hold your head up I know you can get through the day
Just Keep your chin up to the sky everything's gonna be ok

when your bed and your crying, just know he's up their smilin

Because if the sun is shining, he knows that we are surviving

Everyday is a new chance to make something great, so go out there and make something that would make papi say

Beautiful girl you rock the world

You rock the house

You rock the party

you turn it up you turn it our and then you get it started (twice)

Track Name: Another Try
It's been a couple days but I'm still not over you
Laying in my bed dont know what to do
It's about about a week and I cant sleep
and its all because of you
so would you take the to give it another try
am i worth the time .. am i worth a try

It was just last week that I saw you with him,
you drew the point when I saw you kiss him
Ever since that day you have kept your distance
If love was a court id be the witness
back when we were together everyday was christmas
your face was a present to for my eyes
and a blessing to the skies
little did i know you were a devil in disguise
now it all makes sense we never did hold hands
now you hold more than hands with a different kind of man
So would you take the time, to give it another try
Am I worth the time..Am I worth a try

cntrl alt delete what i just said cause in reality it wasnt that bad
cuz every single moment felt like i was dreaming
i say im over you but my heart is bleeding
i hope through thes words, me, I'm redeeming
life is nightmare i want us to keep dreaming
so would you take the time to give it another try
am i worth the time .. am worth the time
Track Name: MONEY
That's Money! (x3)